Hi, I’m Soph and this blog is my little slice of life on the internet. I’m 23, I went to University of Birmingham and my Labrador is my best friend. The way to my heart is definitely through food and drink – think Parisian macarons, rare filet steak or afternoon tea and lots of lovely gin…

I began blogging in 2016 during my Erasmus year in Paris. Mostly just my Mum read it, but I loved it anyway. I wrote about a Parisian night out, about my struggles with my accent, about my top tips for any students starting a year abroad. Sharing your opinion on the internet can of course be a little daunting but I found that the more I wrote honestly about my experiences, the more I connected with other students experiencing the same things. You can find all my Erasmus themed posts under the ‘Paris‘ header.

I relaunched my blog in February 2018 during my final year of University, and here we are! I decided that writing is a passion of mine and that it is something I definitely want to pursue – so, of course, this requires practice. Alongside my final year studies, I wrote about the importance of #selflove, about the meaning of my degree, and about how to be supportive to any sleep-deprived, panicked final year student you may have in your life. You can find all my University related posts under the ‘Birmingham‘ header.

I’ve secured my first graduate role in London so this blog will reflect my first few steps in the big, bad world of employment.

Writing is a passion of mine and you don’t become a brilliant writer without some practice! This blog is a good form of procrastination but I also hope it’s helping me find my voice – if you read a post and love it, or hate it, or want to discuss more, please get in touch.

I am available for guest posts and freelance journalism.

My latest guest posts can be found here, for Ruth, and here, for Sadiye. If you’re interested in exchanging posts, please get in touch.

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For any PR enquiries please get in touch at sophisobelblog@gmail.com

Disclaimer – all views are my own. Any work in affiliation with a company or another blog will be stated clearly.