The final few weeks at Diderot and in Paris are before me. I had lots of people ask me over Easter whether I completely hate Paris itself, and I've realised perhaps I have been too harsh in my critique so far. In truth, my remaining time is a tantalising countdown to when I can say goodbye [...]

109 days later

Just like the beautiful carousels along the traditional boulevards, Parisian life swings around quicker than I can keep track. Last week happened to be very negative, with multiple exams and little end in sight. Luckily, positivity has resurged and unlike a fresh baguette, I doubt it will get stale too quickly. Why? I'm looking ahead [...]

It isn’t easy

Before I started this year abroad, I didn’t properly understand how hard it would be. I had lived away from home in Birmingham, feeling this was sufficient preparation for living basically alone in a foreign city (regardless of the fact I often went home for weekends to cuddle the dog & eat free food). I [...]


What would you score yourself out of 20? Naturally optimistic, I’m sure the majority of us would aim for the higher end of the scale. So what if you discovered all work would be graded out of 20, with the average being a meagre 10? 10. That’s the score, or higher, that I need to [...]