L is for… (Self) Love

Its officially that time of year. Battered by the Beast from the East, running low on energy, void of inspiration. The fridge is almost as empty as our bank accounts. Even Old Joe has (temporarily) given up the ghost. As the final few weeks of fourth year drag by, it's easy to lose that necessary motivation. Class [...]

(Some) Wise words from a panicked final year: A Letter to my Fresher self

The luxury of time. Given that it (currently) feels like I've been at university for longer than I can remember, I'm been attempting to reflect back on my fresh faced and clueless younger self. Fresher Soph was probably typical of most students. My enthusiasm seemed to be focused on extravagant fancy dress on a tight [...]

The Ultimate Erasmus Survival Guide: What doesn’t kill you…

...Makes for a really funny story and some great character building, right? Life as an Erasmus student in Paris flying by and it's time to face some facts of how different the reality is to my expectations. Here's a not so brief explanation of what I wish I knew before I started. Feel free to [...]