The Newborn Phase: The Blur of Becoming a Mum

Newborns, nappies, night feeds. A hazy, sleep deprived rollercoaster. This blog post has sat in my drafts for weeks, months . With good intentions and words added during blurry 3am feeds. But this February, welcoming our little Lilah into the world, my life changed completely in that moment. No time for a self-absorbed blog. No [...]

Valentines Gift Guide: 5 Gift Ideas for a Student Budget

For far too many people, Valentine's Day is intrinsically linked to value, and saying 'I Love You' can lead to increasingly expensive celebrations. February 14th, whether you love it and swoon or whether you think it is money-making scam, is a day that demands attention. As a former student, I used to find a slight [...]

The Great Graduate Job Hunt: Rejection and Superstition

Job hunting and Rejection come hand in hand.  Unless you're truly blessed, everyone experiences rejection during the process at some point or another. I couldn't possibly write about the graduate job hunting experience without addressing how unrelenting and hilarious the process can be. Job hunting becomes a job in itself, and it turns out, I might [...]