The Great Graduate Job Hunt: Rejection and Superstition

Job hunting and Rejection come hand in hand.  Unless you're truly blessed, everyone experiences rejection during the process at some point or another. I couldn't possibly write about the graduate job hunting experience without addressing how unrelenting and hilarious the process can be. Job hunting becomes a job in itself, and it turns out, I might [...]

The Book of Mormon: Review

The best gifts to give are ones you also benefit from, right? This Christmas, I bought my boyfriend tickets to see The Book of Mormon in London, for two reasons: 1) I thought he might like it, and 2) I really, really wanted to see it. Armed with a sense of humour and a tiny [...]

2019: Aspirations

It's the start of another year and, slightly rounder and more relaxed after a couple of weeks of eating and drinking to my heart's content, it's time to focus on my goals and aspirations. I've spent the first fortnight of January buried under work and 'adult' life but I've finally had a chance to sit [...]