Une soirée Parisienne

Ever wondered what a night out in Paris is like? Going out in Paris is a slightly different experience compared to mine in England. Perhaps the British binge-drinking culture has ruined our appreciation for a few glasses of wine on a Tuesday night without the need to end it crying over a takeaway and losing your house keys. [...]

Is it just the accent?

I have never understood how exactly my confidence in French can vary within a short time-frame. I don’t feel the same on a Monday morning about life in Paris as I do by Friday afternoon.  Certainly, if a lecture is that bad, I don’t feel the same about my French capacities after 3 hours of [...]

Tipping point

Reaching the first 100 days of living and studying in Paris felt like a sizeable achievement. I congratulated myself on surviving and (to some extent) thriving within an environment that initially filled me with so much fear. This week marks a slightly gloomier outlook; less than 100 days remain in Paris. In all honesty, I'm not [...]

The Ultimate Erasmus Survival Guide: What doesn’t kill you…

...Makes for a really funny story and some great character building, right? Life as an Erasmus student in Paris flying by and it's time to face some facts of how different the reality is to my expectations. Here's a not so brief explanation of what I wish I knew before I started. Feel free to [...]