Valentines Gift Guide: 5 Gift Ideas for a Student Budget

For far too many people, Valentine’s Day is intrinsically linked to value, and saying ‘I Love You’ can lead to increasingly expensive celebrations. February 14th, whether you love it and swoon or whether you think it is money-making scam, is a day that demands attention. As a former student, I used to find a slight discord between my grand ideas and my meagre budget. Here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for a student-friendly bank account, to remind you that saying I Love You isn’t equivalent to money spent on one day.

1. Get Lucky: Give them a Scratch Card

Ever since I stole this idea from a very thoughtful University friend, I tend to give cards with scratch cards hidden inside. Whether you’ve planned a romantic weekend away or a cosy night in eating and drinking too much gin, the slight thrill of potentially winning millions is enough to make anyone smile.

Simply buy a scratch card and tuck it inside your card – my favourite cards often bearing a delightfully inappropriate pun – and cross your fingers. (Perhaps there would be some legal complications if someone did win a ton of money, so by all means please don’t sue…)

2. Bake them a cake

Baking a cake, cooking a three course meal or simply giving it your best go with a ready-made cupcake mix – no matter your level of culinary prowess, this is a surefire way to say I Love You. Taking the time to prepare a meal or a sweet snack can show that you care without necessarily breaking the bank. Trekking to your local supermarket, researching a recipe that looks vaguely achievable, wreaking havoc in the kitchen and generally putting in an immense effort can go a long way as opposed to overspending in a fancy restaurant.

For a delicious and visually stunning recipe, you could check out Imogen’s Valentine’s Meringue Nests or Molly’s Valentine’s Cupcakes – but if you’re more of a novice baker, simply making the effort will go a long way.

3. Picture Perfect: Beautiful Photo Frames

They say you should live in the moment but I’m wholeheartedly in the camp of photographing and documenting everything. I can’t remember the last time I visited anywhere vaguely snazzy without whipping out my phone for a quick photo. And, much to my boyfriend’s dismay, I love taking and treasuring photos of us. Valentine’s Day can be a brilliant excuse to document how you feel, and most high street shops offer pretty photo frames on a student-friendly budget. Some of my favourite frames are from TK Maxx, although I’m forever lusting over the designs in Oliver Bonas. Printing photos is also now incredibly cheap, so you don’t really have an excuse.

4. Say it with a Mix Tape: Playlist Gifts

Perhaps stretching the definition of ‘gift’ here, but the nostalgic tradition of making a mixtape is still romantic and possible in our modern world. Of course, creating a physical CD is an option, but simply making a dedicated playlist to your loved one on Spotify or Apple Music could be the perfect way to show how well you know someone. Perhaps your Valentine loves heavy metal or country music, perhaps you know every word to Ariana Grande’s latest album (who doesn’t?) – creating a dedicated playlist is the perfect way to show that you care, and it is a gift with longevity.

5. Love Jars

Only for the soppy, self-confessed romantics – create a love jar. A cost-effective and overly emotional gift, it involves buying a jar (reasonably cheap and easy to find) and filling it with little pieces of coloured card. The cards could be date night ideas, it could be destinations you’d love to travel to with your Valentine, or the cards could be reasons why you love each other – regardless of just how soppy you want to be, a love jar can be incredibly thoughtful.

Regardless of your budget, Valentine’s Day is about simply showing someone you care, even if it’s buying a bouquet of flowers from your local supermarket or making a card. As a student I found holidays often included planning, and dreaded budgeting weeks or months in advance in order to create something special with an uninspiring budget. If all else fails, sending a soppy text can mean the world to someone. This February 14th go and tell someone how you feel – and feel free to follow this gift guide if you fancy some inexpensive ideas!

This Valentine’s Day post is part of wider collaboration with some of the blogging community’s brightest and most beautiful people. Have a browse below and discover some other fantastic content in celebration of this day.

7 thoughts on “Valentines Gift Guide: 5 Gift Ideas for a Student Budget

  1. I’m so suggesting the scratch card idea with the Greek lad! This is great 😊 I don’t think it should be about huge and expensive gestures. Just a nice meal and a film will do me!
    However tomorrow there’s a very important football game in Greece so far chance of that happening 😂
    Love the post! 💜

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