Edinburgh Travel Weekend: What I Wore

IMG_8409A windswept weekend in Edinburgh in September. 3 days of travelling and enjoying tourist attractions whilst dodging the rain. I recently published about all the lovely food and copious amounts of drinks we enjoyed whilst touring the city, and as promised, here’s a lovely visual post of what I wore that weekend.

What on earth did I pack? The first (and biggest) challenge is I was sadly restricted to hand luggage only, so after accounting for my tons of makeup and a pair of heels, it didn’t leave much space. As my first ever post of this sort, here’s what I wore! I’ve linked some similar pieces that are currently online for any lovely readers who happen to take a liking to my poor fashion sense, and I roped P into taking multiple outfit shots for me throughout the weekend.

Saturday – Day

Saturday, if you’ve read my previous post, started off incredibly early. I knew we were going to do a lot of walking but also that the weather was forecast to be quite warm (around 17 degrees) yet windy. I opted for a high waisted, pleated midi skirt in a gorgeous silver metallic sheen that I bought in Paris from a Kilo vintage shop (one of my key recommendations here!).


I paired it with one of my favourite tops, a draped white shirt which I purchased from Topshop a few years ago and that I’ve nearly worn to death. Trainers were an absolute must for all the walking we ended up doing, and I of course wore my All Saints ‘Balfern’ leather jacket. It was a lovely, indulgent present for my 21st birthday and I’ve now become that girl who wears a leather jacket with anything, anywhere, all the time.

The outfit was pretty practical, the skirt was super comfy to travel in and I felt quite off-duty chic in this ensemble. The only issue is when the wind picked up on Calton Hill, the skirt became plastered against my legs in the least flattering way. Luckily, it looked fine for the rest of the day.


If you want to copy this look (I mean, I’d be flattered) this is a brilliant skirt from M&S is in a gorgeous velvet so ideal for this winter. When I originally bought my skirt it was because I’d seen a Parisian woman wearing one and was immediately consumed with envy. Who knew this metallic pleated style would become so popular, 2 years later!

A draped shirt is, in my humble opinion, essential. I wear it for work, I wear it as my ‘jeans and a nice top’ top, I wear it to interviews. You can find lots of styles online but my favourite is this one from River Island.

Saturday – Evening

Saturday evening was wet and miserable but we stuffed our faces with delicious food and I opted for a simple black jumpsuit from Missguided. I snapped it up in the sale over summer. It’s still online but in limited sizes so I’ve found a similar one which is properly stocked.




Sunday was always forecast to be slightly wet and miserable – unfortunately, this proved to be too true. I opted for some gorgeous black denim dungarees I swiped in the Jack Wills sale, with a well-loved navy striped top. Having purchased my dungarees, I can’t stop seeing people in similar styles, and now I’m frantically trying to resist buying another (almost identical) pair. Here’s a couple of similar pieces I found if you wanted to recreate! There’s a fab Topshop pair of dungarees, and a lovely striped top from Gap – I would have definitely appreciated slightly longer sleeves myself.


It was ideal for the changeable weather and a lot of walking, even if my ankles did get slightly muddy.



Monday was our final day, so again I had to think carefully about an outfit for tourist attractions and travelling. I opted for a comfortable midi dress that I picked up in the Miss Selfridge sale over summer. I bought two prints – one monochromatic polka dots and stripes (as pictured) and one with black and yellow flowers on it. These dresses have now become a carefree staple in my wardrobe – with an underneath cami top and smart shoes they’re perfect for work, whilst a pair of trainers and leather jacket makes a great weekend outfit. I basically have worn them as much as possible since purchasing… the sign of a good buy!

The yellow flower dress is still online here in one size, and I’ve found a similar dotty one in a gorgeous chocolate colour for autumn! There’s also this great polka dot wrap dress from New Look, which is very similar to the one I wore. A midi dress is basically the perfect versatile piece and I wear them all year round.


So, here you go. A few pictures of what I wore in Edinburgh, some links I could find to similar pieces online and my first ever attempt at writing about #whatIwore for you all. Fashion is something I am always interested in and yet I never seem to invest any money in my own wardrobe and buy pieces for the moment rather than longevity or classic style. Here’s hoping my salaried life as a graduate leads to less impulse buying and more actual style…

21 thoughts on “Edinburgh Travel Weekend: What I Wore

  1. All of these looks are stunning & total wardrobe goals! The jumpsuit & dress are definitely my two fav ensembles, but you look gorgeous in them all xx


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  2. I just LOVE that you are wearing trainers in all these photos. The best bit is they really go with everything!
    I never wear anything else on my feet but trainers and therefore I tend to limit my wardrobe to jeans and casual tops but you’ve totally pulled every single one of these off and inspired me to try and work my trainers around different clothes 😁 great post as always!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I always struggle soo much with only hand luggage! I’m hoping I’ll be able to make it work when I go to Dublin in January but I’m always tempted to overpack haha.

    Some really beautiful outfits! ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I find had luggage feels so restricted even if with a whole suitcase I end up repeating outfits all week… I had a fab weekend in Dublin a couple years ago, enjoy my lovely! xx


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